I’m a sucker for this wedding.
We were fortunate enough to design this day, from top to bottom with the most wonderful couple- Whitney & Drew.
I think the wedding is such a perfect reflection of them. It’s classic. It’s timeless. It’s not frilly or fantastic. It’s just pretty, and sophisticated, and lovely…like they are.

Big hugs and high fives go to my most excellent team who did everything they could to make this one exceptional. I especially enjoyed working with Alissa of Feast Calligraphy on all of the paper.

And our work on all of this would be just a mere memory if it were not for the hard work and endless talents of Jose Villa and Joel Serrato. I am very very thankful for them!









































For interested new potential clients…
We are now taking on full creative direction and floral for 2015. This mean guidance with Venue selection, photographer and vendor referrals, complete custom paper creation, and full design of decor and tabletop.
I am also happy to announce that our new sister company the ARK will be launching soon so stay tuned for more info on that as things develop. All inquires should contact our team directly at info@flowerwild.com to reserve dates for 2015.

Creative Direction/Design – Kate Holt of Flowerwild
Photographer – Jose Villa
Cinematographer – Joel Serrato
Flowers – Flowerwild
Venue – Santa Lucia Preserve
Calligraphy & Paper – Feast Calligraphy
Coordination – Kate Winn of Barbara Llewellyn Catering

See the Full Feature including Joel’s beautiful film on Style Me Pretty Here.

2 Responses to Carmel Valley Classic

  1. Becca Blue

    It is SO beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. Delicious.

  2. kasia

    Such a beautiful wedding!! I’m such a fan of yours! Can I ask where the gold, round vases are from?

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alice lost her first tooth
and that’s the most exciting thing that happened this month
that’s big stuff!

it’s darn hot this week and i can’t keep myself from neurotically checking the weather for the next 10 days. Here, santa ynez, palm springs (118!!!!), sonoma, beijing (alice programmed that one in there.) i guess i was surprised it’s hot there too – i don’t know why…and i am wondering how the flowers and plants are doing in my various necks of the woods. how they are holding up under such duress. will they be there next week when i need them most? all fingers and toes are crossed. we really need to talk about global warming. so far we are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule with regards to blooms. at least. anyone else have input here?

i’m not a fan of heat.
or cold for that matter. my husband says i have a narrow window of comfort. 3 degrees up or down from 72. after that i start to roll down windows, adjust air conditioners, fan myself, look for an escape hatch, and the like.
i blame it on the red hair and fair skin. capillaries closer to the surface of the skin and whatnot. probably nonsense.


this weather is good for a few things-
planning for when it is no longer hot
AND obsessing about how to keep flowers alive on a blistering wedding day that is swiftly approaching. for all you newbies out there it should come as a relief that even a seasoned gal like myself still has nightmares about this stuff…or maybe it’s not helpful at all:)

i’m getting set to announce new workshop dates. well heck…I’ll announce them informally now and you can start plotting and planning:)

october 1st and 2nd in ojai, ca
november 12th and 13th in palm springs, ca

get in touch with me to reserve a spot via email. i’m still working out the details so that’s all i’ve got for now. a few of you have written directly or posted here – so you’re on the list. i promise to be in touch as soon as the dust settles over here.






3 Responses to hot temps

  1. You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and located most individuals will associate with with your website. Moreno Valley Roof Contractors, 22440 Mountain View Rd., Moreno Valley, CA, 92557, US, 951-999-4300

  2. Gwen Ginocchio

    I agree about the goofy weather, Kate. Something’s going on. That first tooth is exciting. I wrapped many a one in Kleenex and envelope for trip home when I was teaching there’s no predicting when they actually will come out. Hope your flowers will weather the weather. We actuallynhadva perfect day here in Chicago today, ranging from about 65 to 72 and sunny. Love you guys.

  3. Carol

    Loved being part of your crazy, busy summer, and it was wonderful to meet so many of the talented people you work with on your events. You are a very fortunate girl!

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I feel like spring is slipping through my fingers already. A little too brief for me, always. Especially when it comes to spring’s bounty of blooms…I want them to stick around for a few more weeks. When I look at these pictures from April, I tend to ache a little for the tendrils of jasmine that are long gone, and find myself dreaming of vining sweet peas – wild and unruly – now, short and wilty impressions of their former selves. Oh, and the mock orange that’s already come and gone…foxglove too. So you see, flowers are always a business of longing.

But it seems that summer is pushing it’s way in and I shouldn’t complain too much. There is always some new fresh face just waiting to take the place of last season’s favorite. We’ve had lots of time to get our hands dirty over here and play with some pretty bits.

I’m most recently addicted to the website Humans of New York…I know, everyone else knows about this site already. I live in a bit of a creative cloud that’s very disconnected with what’s current and hip…so sometimes it takes me a while to get up to speed with things! This site, HONY, It’s kind of like looking at a diverse book of human flowers. I love it. I could look at it all day.

I got to create 5 bridal bouquets for one very lovely gal last month. She chose her favorite from the bunch gave the other 4 to her pretty maids to carry. Kinda great.







One Response to Spring

  1. Becca

    My bubble must be the same size as yours- I’ve never heard of HONY… so glad you shared. 🙂

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I spent the last two days on the road. Form here to Carmel and back. Alone. I much prefer to do this with Ken and Alice…so I missed them a lot.

I can say this – California is beautiful friends. When you are driving it all alone and you just witness it’s insane beauty, just watch it rolling by you, and the light just gets better and better, it’s almost like you can’t get enough. You don’t want it to end…you want more, and more.

You pass through vibrant green, smooth shouldered hillsides, on to rough rocky patches splotched and dripping with wild poppies, blue lupines, or yellow mustard. The sky changes from vast and open, to ethereal and rainy, dark even… then soft. Close and foggy. Almost too close. Almost on top of you. All around you.

Trees sprawl out. Cast their shadows. Inching ever closer to the sunny, most westerly side of their little plot. They dawdle and kick around, gently touching a nearby embankment or slope in a way that says – we’ve been here together, a long, long time. I know you. Sometimes they sway, kissed with sweet mossy bits that make them look somehow human or animated. More alive than you might want them to be on a lonely road at night. Like they might scoop you up. They seem so stately and ancient, even though they are here now. They feel so perfectly timeless…

Truth…The land here just fills you up with goodness. Sometimes shouting from the mountaintops doesn’t seem like enough. Drives like this, make me certain we live in an amazing place. And yesterday, California was just killing me with it’s raw beauty.

Getting to see these hidden and not-so hidden parts of the state make me crazy happy. Giddy, really. It’s the kind of stuff you want to share. Even if it makes you get all poetic and sappy:) Who cares. It’s real. It’s how I feel. I love it here.

There’s no appropriate segway for this so I’m not even going to try! My English teacher, Mrs. Kelly, would not be thrilled. But I honestly, almost always abide by her very wise instruction. This time, I’m just too pooped.

Here’s a little something pretty from Audrey and Jeff Dunham’s rehearsal dinner at Sunstone Winery. Planning by Jill LaFleur.
Images by Corbin Gurkin….an amazing amazing photographer you should all know. I was lucky enough to do the flowers for her wedding in Ireland this last year. Yep…she’s that gal behind that crazy adventure:)

Oh…and we are about to announce 2 more workshops for this year. One of which, Corbin will be shooting! So stay tuned…




flowerwilddunhamrd_0404 flowerwilddunhamrd_0399

flowerwilddunhamrd_0398 flowerwilddunhamrd_0405

2 Responses to California Raw

  1. Carol

    Another beautiful post…

  2. Passion Roots

    Absolutely in love with you centerpieces. So gorgeous!

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Ok. Maybe not Eternally.

But we need some fresh meat around here. Join the high society of Flowerwild ladies and gents (not pictured.) We’re Fancy…almost never. I like hard workers, I like go-getters, I like people who know when to be quiet, I like people who are creative, I like people who know how to use drills, staple guns and can climb ladders, I like people who make me look good. Is this you?

We are offering intern programs with Flowerwild
on various dates from April to October of this year.
We need people in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Napa/Sonoma areas.

Days of work are flexible…with Saturdays being a must.
This work is hard. You will get dirty. It’s not glamorous. You will scrub buckets and trim flowers, eat sandwiches standing up. You will inevitably help load thousands of candles into vans. It will be sweaty and hot work some of the time, but you will learn a lot, see a ton of gorgeous flowers daily, and get a peek behind the scenes of numerous event installations. Meet fabulous people, form friendships. It’s not too shabby.

Please email me @ info@flowerwild.com
if this is of interest.

Image by Irving Penn

7 Responses to Intern Internally Eternally at Flowerwild

  1. Charmain Chen

    Dear Kate,
    I met Nancy Teasley at a Little Flower School class in LA and she referred me to Flowerwild’s internship opportunity. How exciting! I live in Pasadena and would love to find out more information on the various dates of your intern program in LA and Santa Barbara? I’m a mom of two girls and I am just at beginning stages of starting my own freelance floral design business. I would love to find volunteer opportunities to help out and to learn.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  2. Kate

    Hi Charmain –

    Wonderful!!! I’ll be out of town next week for our workshop but would love to connect with you after that. We will be meeting interested interns then and discussing possibilities! YAY!!!!

    Glad you went to little flower school and met some of my favorite flower ladies!
    Such great people to be around:)

  3. Charmain Chen

    Thank you so much Kate! I hope your out of town trip went well! Do let me know when you might be meeting potential interns as I would love the opportunity to find out more! You can email me directly at charmain@gmail.com

    Take care,

  4. Chelley Brenner

    I have been following your blog and website for 2 1/2 years. I am in love with all you do in floral creation. I have been trying to figure out how to meet you for years and have an email saved in my drafts from 2 years ago that I never got the nerve to send you wanting to see if there would be any way to intern with you. This would be a dream come true! My friend Carly Brannon had a boutique down the street from you when you used to have a shop on Magnolia but both of you had moved when I found this out. As far as I have been able to tell, you no longer have a shop, but I would love to meet you and be thrilled to intern with you. I am a hard worker and can do whatever you need me to.
    Happily yours,

  5. Kate

    H Chelley –

    This is such a sweet note! I would love to meet you. We are pretty busy this week and next, but email me at info@flowerwild.com and we can set up a time for you to come in.

  6. Rochelle Wall

    Hi Kate, I’m just so in awe of your gorgeous work. Yours is truly a beautiful level to aspire to. For a few years now, I have been doing freelance wedding planning, and my true love is florals. This year seems to be getting bigger and better for my little venture, but I want to learn and grow. I would be beyond honored to be considered for an internship – I just have such an incredible passion for flowers, as well as this business, and want to absorb all I possibly can.
    With fond regards,


  7. Veronica

    Hi there, I am an event planner and designer and I’d like to learn more about flowers. I am Italian and I was lucky enough to live and work in great places: from exotic Morocco( never see such variety of roses like there)to tropical paradises in the Caribbean.I recently moved to Los Angeles and I am looking to add to my experience, to learn and to grow. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I have a positive attitude. Please let me know if I can be of any service.

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