Styling & Creative Direction

images by elizabeth messina

I love love love to play with flowers…so true. I also love to imagine, create, play with materials, dream of colors, textures, take a small little piece of inspiration and craft it into an entire experience. The art of a celebration is so embedded in my work – and I want to offer my unique vision to brides in a way that is more comprehensive. To take the love story and unwrap it. peel back every layer….show the love of these two people as one, in unison, in a crazy song of a day that can’t be recaptured, wrapped in a box, written down on paper or held in your hand. Take all the little pieces, squish them into the palm of my hand and like some gypsy magician, reveal them, unfurling a long and colorful, carefully stitched quilt of ideas, memories, thoughts, moments, that are the essence of your wedding day. This is not a package, or a service, this is a relationship – a collaboration. We build it together.

An inspired translation.

An interpretation of your wedding vision encompassing  everything from paper goods, to linens,  venue choices, to tabletop/environment styling, and a menu you can love and will remember for years to come, details that hint at your passions, even down to your wardrobe and the soles of your feet. So Let’s begin…

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