Ok. Maybe not Eternally.

But we need some fresh meat around here. Join the high society of Flowerwild ladies and gents (not pictured.) We’re Fancy…almost never. I like hard workers, I like go-getters, I like people who know when to be quiet, I like people who are creative, I like people who know how to use drills, staple guns and can climb ladders, I like people who make me look good. Is this you?

We are offering intern programs with Flowerwild
on various dates from April to October of this year.
We need people in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Napa/Sonoma areas.

Days of work are flexible…with Saturdays being a must.
This work is hard. You will get dirty. It’s not glamorous. You will scrub buckets and trim flowers, eat sandwiches standing up. You will inevitably help load thousands of candles into vans. It will be sweaty and hot work some of the time, but you will learn a lot, see a ton of gorgeous flowers daily, and get a peek behind the scenes of numerous event installations. Meet fabulous people, form friendships. It’s not too shabby.

Please email me @ info@flowerwild.com
if this is of interest.

Image by Irving Penn

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7 Responses to Intern Internally Eternally at Flowerwild

  1. Charmain Chen

    Dear Kate,
    I met Nancy Teasley at a Little Flower School class in LA and she referred me to Flowerwild’s internship opportunity. How exciting! I live in Pasadena and would love to find out more information on the various dates of your intern program in LA and Santa Barbara? I’m a mom of two girls and I am just at beginning stages of starting my own freelance floral design business. I would love to find volunteer opportunities to help out and to learn.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  2. Kate

    Hi Charmain –

    Wonderful!!! I’ll be out of town next week for our workshop but would love to connect with you after that. We will be meeting interested interns then and discussing possibilities! YAY!!!!

    Glad you went to little flower school and met some of my favorite flower ladies!
    Such great people to be around:)

  3. Charmain Chen

    Thank you so much Kate! I hope your out of town trip went well! Do let me know when you might be meeting potential interns as I would love the opportunity to find out more! You can email me directly at charmain@gmail.com

    Take care,

  4. Chelley Brenner

    I have been following your blog and website for 2 1/2 years. I am in love with all you do in floral creation. I have been trying to figure out how to meet you for years and have an email saved in my drafts from 2 years ago that I never got the nerve to send you wanting to see if there would be any way to intern with you. This would be a dream come true! My friend Carly Brannon had a boutique down the street from you when you used to have a shop on Magnolia but both of you had moved when I found this out. As far as I have been able to tell, you no longer have a shop, but I would love to meet you and be thrilled to intern with you. I am a hard worker and can do whatever you need me to.
    Happily yours,

  5. Kate

    H Chelley –

    This is such a sweet note! I would love to meet you. We are pretty busy this week and next, but email me at info@flowerwild.com and we can set up a time for you to come in.

  6. Rochelle Wall

    Hi Kate, I’m just so in awe of your gorgeous work. Yours is truly a beautiful level to aspire to. For a few years now, I have been doing freelance wedding planning, and my true love is florals. This year seems to be getting bigger and better for my little venture, but I want to learn and grow. I would be beyond honored to be considered for an internship – I just have such an incredible passion for flowers, as well as this business, and want to absorb all I possibly can.
    With fond regards,


  7. Veronica

    Hi there, I am an event planner and designer and I’d like to learn more about flowers. I am Italian and I was lucky enough to live and work in great places: from exotic Morocco( never see such variety of roses like there)to tropical paradises in the Caribbean.I recently moved to Los Angeles and I am looking to add to my experience, to learn and to grow. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I have a positive attitude. Please let me know if I can be of any service.

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