I spent the last two days on the road. Form here to Carmel and back. Alone. I much prefer to do this with Ken and Alice…so I missed them a lot.

I can say this – California is beautiful friends. When you are driving it all alone and you just witness it’s insane beauty, just watch it rolling by you, and the light just gets better and better, it’s almost like you can’t get enough. You don’t want it to end…you want more, and more.

You pass through vibrant green, smooth shouldered hillsides, on to rough rocky patches splotched and dripping with wild poppies, blue lupines, or yellow mustard. The sky changes from vast and open, to ethereal and rainy, dark even… then soft. Close and foggy. Almost too close. Almost on top of you. All around you.

Trees sprawl out. Cast their shadows. Inching ever closer to the sunny, most westerly side of their little plot. They dawdle and kick around, gently touching a nearby embankment or slope in a way that says – we’ve been here together, a long, long time. I know you. Sometimes they sway, kissed with sweet mossy bits that make them look somehow human or animated. More alive than you might want them to be on a lonely road at night. Like they might scoop you up. They seem so stately and ancient, even though they are here now. They feel so perfectly timeless…

Truth…The land here just fills you up with goodness. Sometimes shouting from the mountaintops doesn’t seem like enough. Drives like this, make me certain we live in an amazing place. And yesterday, California was just killing me with it’s raw beauty.

Getting to see these hidden and not-so hidden parts of the state make me crazy happy. Giddy, really. It’s the kind of stuff you want to share. Even if it makes you get all poetic and sappy:) Who cares. It’s real. It’s how I feel. I love it here.

There’s no appropriate segway for this so I’m not even going to try! My English teacher, Mrs. Kelly, would not be thrilled. But I honestly, almost always abide by her very wise instruction. This time, I’m just too pooped.

Here’s a little something pretty from Audrey and Jeff Dunham’s rehearsal dinner at Sunstone Winery. Planning by Jill LaFleur.
Images by Corbin Gurkin….an amazing amazing photographer you should all know. I was lucky enough to do the flowers for her wedding in Ireland this last year. Yep…she’s that gal behind that crazy adventure:)

Oh…and we are about to announce 2 more workshops for this year. One of which, Corbin will be shooting! So stay tuned…




flowerwilddunhamrd_0404 flowerwilddunhamrd_0399

flowerwilddunhamrd_0398 flowerwilddunhamrd_0405

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  1. Carol

    Another beautiful post…

  2. Passion Roots

    Absolutely in love with you centerpieces. So gorgeous!

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