My head feels a little confused right now, perhaps from lack of sleep and possibly from too much time researching images. Sometimes looking at millions of pictures can make you feel a bit screwy. Plus, with multiple projects on your plate it’s easy to get lost in a thought process, follow a loosely threaded tangent to its end point, only to find the end point is nothing like what you were hoping for.
The creative process is quiet but it requires so much work and mental puzzling; at least in my case. I think many of the people in my house think I’m just “twitter-ing” away my life…when really I’m trying to formulate a magnificent, ground-breaking idea. HA!
I suppose some people are gifted with a sort of instantaneous inspiration, creative bursts that just strike like lighting. Does that exist? It’s not this way for me. I have to lay a small fragment of an idea out there, start with that, build on it, unravel it a bit, break it apart maybe, or even scrap it and start again. Sometimes it’s an idea process, sometimes it’s a visual one.

In my process over the last few days I discovered some really beautiful things out there in the world…people creating things I hadn’t dreamed of yet, and places I might never see in person. These little glimpse help open up new channels of thought for me, and show me new directions that I didn’t even realize were there. It might be a color, a mood, a texture, a love note, a bit of handwriting, the molding ’round a door, a particular composition or event just a great fabric. Here are a few things I kinda love this week…

I’m curious…
What’s your process like? Do you have things you routinely do to get inspired? Please share!

5 Responses to The Simple Things

  1. Carol

    Lovely images, thanks for posting them. They will dance in my head for days.

  2. Bev

    Beautiful array!

  3. Gwen

    The bed reminds me of the rooms at Versaille, I want the earrings, but the many luminous candles is my favorite.

  4. Camille

    My process is much like that….lots of looking, thinking, feeling, reading. Being outside. Spending a little more time on the computer than I’d like, trying to find that ‘spark’ that will get me excited in a new direction. I know the bride likes cafe au lait dahlias, but how can I put that special something into her design to make it extraordinary and original? Sometimes a thread of thought will literally keep me up at night, and other times my mind is a dry creek bed.

  5. Katy Noelle

    Gosh! May my futuristic self whisper to your historic self in this old blog post of yours that I can deeply relate to your creative process!

    Always in awe…

    Katy Noelle

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