Valentines is tomorrow…and though I don’t miss the insanity of the days we used to deliver flowers all over this LALA city of ours, I do kind of miss the flowers and the love stories that go along with each one.

Some of the notes men, and women, would enclose with their flowered intentions could be quite funny or sometimes just plain wonderful. Honestly I wish I had kept record of these from years past, so I could put together a little book.

Then, of course, there are always the stalkers. You might get one refusal of flowers a year because of that. Flat out turn away them away… Unwanted adoration.

Mostly I relished the stories from Ken, out delivering these bits of wild beauty to grey cubicles across town, as he described the looks our flowers would get from everyone. The ooohs and aaahs as people saw a lush and drippy vase of peonies and jasmine land on their officemate’s desk. Pure, unadulterated, passion, right there, on display for everyone to see! The desperate phone calls that would ensue from men who knew – THIS was the only way to her heart..a Flowerwild bouquet! Well….it might not have been so dramatic. But valentines is a day of drama and elevated expectations right?

Nowadays, valentines for me means crafting little paper v day hearts and loading them with stickers, doodling on them with glitter glue, counting them up to make sure we have enough, stepping back to make sure they have enough sequins, adding more where needed, separating into the “fancy” and “not-so-fancy” pile. If Alice deems you fancy, well then, you better get your fancy pants on!

I prefer this simpler approach to a day celebrating love.
Hope you are all spreading and receiving love in some small way this valentines.

(all images found online…please contact me if you see something here that belongs to you and you would like a photo credit)

2 Responses to Love day

  1. CAROL

    So pretty, Happy Valentine’s Day to all at FlowerWild!

  2. Annie

    I have been sharing the stories of my crazy days dethorning roses for you and driving all over helLA and back again. All the men calling desperately at the last minute to get bouquets for their wife or girlfriend who was going to put them in the dog house if the knew they almost forgot Valentine’s day. Now I just get to deal with the mayhem that is Valentine’s Day at Trader Joe’s. Miss you sister!

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