Oh finally fall/winter season is here and I’m ready to hibernate, at least for a few days. We are poised to hit the ground running with a full schedule of workshops in 2014, and some pretty wonderful events lined up on the tails of that. So I’m happy to have a little down time to reflect and just BE. A hard thing for someone like me to actually DO – or, rather, not do. I find that I wish and pine for days of nothing, of idle time, then when they arrive I’m a little bit like a hamster in a wheel. Spinning and spinning, looking for new projects and ways to busy myself. It is hard to practice quiet time when your “normal” speed in life is basically a whirlwind, or mini cyclone… a type of isolated storm of it’s own.
Still, I know if I force myself to be quiet and empty the space in my brain that is normally consumed by a list of to-do’s, I will be more creative and more ready for things to come. I remind myself to take time to read, go on walks, leave my phone at home or off while with family, be present as a mommy, listen more…really listen more. I need to practice that.
So I’ll be brief, and just share some beautiful images from a little wedding we did last season in Ireland.
I’ve related the behind the scenes of this wedding of photographers Corbin Gurkin and Thatcher Cook before, and am happy to offer a little bit of the real thing. Now published in Martha Stewart Weddings Destination issue. Online gallery here. I especially love the image Elizabeth captured of me and Ken together. So rare for us to have a photo like that! Hope you enjoy.












Images by the one and only Elizabeth Messina
Flowers – Flowerwild
Event design – Duet Weddings
Paper Goods – Ceci New York
Calligraphy – Love Jenna Calligraphy
Rentals – Pearl and Godiva

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