Summertime. Fireworks in a big grassy field, hours upon hours of driving, crayons stuffed in side pockets of my purse for emergency coloring needs, games of tic-tac-toe that always, always end in a draw, buckets and arm loads of flowers, good wine, hot days, fears of flowers melting in sun, st.helena sunsets, lots of eating while standing up, (and later- found bits of sandwiches or granola bars left on an upturned bucket in the hurried go go go of wedding install life), wild flower arrangements that sometimes need to be tamed, other times not, lovely new friends from all over, tetris style truck packing, perfect peach and arugula salad, tomatoes from ken’s garden that are ripe and juicy and smell of the earth, and finally comfort and pure happiness at home.


It’s busy but,
as I get older, I am happy to say I can appreciate the rare moment of solitude or just enjoy some quiet time watching others I love, live life. Observing and seeing things silently. I am trying to Listen more…one of my biggest struggles.

There’s a learning curve to this thing, this universe we are madly bouncing around in. I can’t fake perfection, I make lots of mistakes.


So when I can I’m trying to slow down a bit and take notes.
We’ve been bouncing around a quite a bit this summer and it’s made for LOTS of ridiculous moments and completely nonsensical giggle fits from ALICE – which I am very, VERY, very glad to take part in. I captured a few on tape and I’m pretty certain no one else would find them funny at ALL. It’s weird to listen to other people in peals of laughter, that are completely unprompted and unprovoked. It feels strange and intrusive, to hear them on the verge of tears and on the brink of elated insanity. But to us, these moments – they are pure hilarity. They save us from being weary.

Summer is almost over &
I hope I never grow too old and cranky to giggle my face off with her.










3 Responses to no rest for the weary

  1. Meg Johnson

    Hope to get to giggle with you two one day soon! xoxoxo

  2. Amber Moon

    You will never be old or cranky! What a precious gift that Alice is – love you both!

  3. Anna

    Beautiful blog posting. Love you cousin Kate and glad life with Alice continues to delight you!

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