a pretty st.helena job.
my great crew. everyone worked so hard and really made this one possible. it makes me think back on days in the not so distant past where Ken and I basically did everything by ourselves. those were fun times too, but really hard and tiring.
my mom and dad came to spend the week and watch Alice for this wedding.
they had a grand time. we ate heirloom tomato or peach summer salads pretty much everyday. i can’t complain. i had some kale/spinach enchiladas that are pretty much my favorite food ever. alice and my mom soaked their feet and did pedicures for each other on the back porch. pretty cute.
my dad teased alice a lot. that’s their way together.
those of you in the culinary world take note…alice “invented” a pizza tortilla. which was a huge hit obviously. (well, with alice anyway:)
and alice gave me tons of snuggles at the end of each long day when i needed them most. those snuggles are like pure positivity. i’m certain they add years to my life.


as for the work side of things, we made these crazy fern and orchid pendants for the tent which was one of those things that you pitch to a client – and you really have no idea how you will make it work until you actually start building it. it took about 6 people 3 hours to get these beauties sort of pre-prepped to hang and mostly ready for install. not to mention a huge mess. no small task and i was grateful for all my helpers that day.












clean up the morning after. i don’t love doing strikes. it breaks my heart a lot to clean up all our hard work. but sometimes i have to be there. 7am i arrived by myself…with crew en route behind. it was perfectly quiet. the fog was all over the tables. everything was still perfect. the flowers were tenderly wrapped up in this cool blanket of a cloud. i was walking right through the soft mist, looking at all the gorgeous flowers. each one, even better now than the night before. there was something really special about seeing it sort of frozen in time like that. maybe the prettiest strike morning ever.


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  1. megan

    so beautiful!

  2. Passion Roots

    Love all the loose ribbon and lace around the bouquet…so very rustic and delicate.

  3. Bellenza Wedding Bistro

    I actually had a lump in my throat just taking in the sheer beauty that flowers have and are. You are so blessed to be surrounded by them daily!

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alice lost her first tooth
and that’s the most exciting thing that happened this month
that’s big stuff!

it’s darn hot this week and i can’t keep myself from neurotically checking the weather for the next 10 days. Here, santa ynez, palm springs (118!!!!), sonoma, beijing (alice programmed that one in there.) i guess i was surprised it’s hot there too – i don’t know why…and i am wondering how the flowers and plants are doing in my various necks of the woods. how they are holding up under such duress. will they be there next week when i need them most? all fingers and toes are crossed. we really need to talk about global warming. so far we are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule with regards to blooms. at least. anyone else have input here?

i’m not a fan of heat.
or cold for that matter. my husband says i have a narrow window of comfort. 3 degrees up or down from 72. after that i start to roll down windows, adjust air conditioners, fan myself, look for an escape hatch, and the like.
i blame it on the red hair and fair skin. capillaries closer to the surface of the skin and whatnot. probably nonsense.


this weather is good for a few things-
planning for when it is no longer hot
AND obsessing about how to keep flowers alive on a blistering wedding day that is swiftly approaching. for all you newbies out there it should come as a relief that even a seasoned gal like myself still has nightmares about this stuff…or maybe it’s not helpful at all:)

i’m getting set to announce new workshop dates. well heck…I’ll announce them informally now and you can start plotting and planning:)

october 1st and 2nd in ojai, ca
november 12th and 13th in palm springs, ca

get in touch with me to reserve a spot via email. i’m still working out the details so that’s all i’ve got for now. a few of you have written directly or posted here – so you’re on the list. i promise to be in touch as soon as the dust settles over here.






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  2. Gwen Ginocchio

    I agree about the goofy weather, Kate. Something’s going on. That first tooth is exciting. I wrapped many a one in Kleenex and envelope for trip home when I was teaching there’s no predicting when they actually will come out. Hope your flowers will weather the weather. We actuallynhadva perfect day here in Chicago today, ranging from about 65 to 72 and sunny. Love you guys.

  3. Carol

    Loved being part of your crazy, busy summer, and it was wonderful to meet so many of the talented people you work with on your events. You are a very fortunate girl!

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