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flowerwildpsworkshop_0381 I am so determined to get back into the swing of things with my blogging…we had some technical issues last week; and on top of that we were hosting our workshop in Palm Springs- which was fabulous but BUSY. So, I wrote a post late last night, clicked on the “save draft” button…and poof! The whole frickin’ thing disappeared. I suppose this is basically the universe’s way of telling me to let the pictures tell the story.

In short:
14 talented women from around the world, converged on Palms Springs last week for our Flowerwild workshop.
It was awesome.
It was inspiring.
I want to do it a LOT more. A lot lot more.

HUGE thanks to my husband for his genius rigging, making my crazy ideas a reality, and moral support. I love you. Thanks to little A for making me smile always.
Of course many thanks to Jose Villa, Mar of Team Hair and Makeup, Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals, Erica of Twine Events, my assistant Corinne, and The Ace Hotel for hooking me up and sharing their talents so generously. To all the wonderful, creative, and beautiful women who came and shared their visions and talents with me – I am so glad I met all of you and am crazy excited about all our new friendships. WOW!

I’ll be posting film photos from Jose later on…but in the meantime here’s a glimpse of our week in the desert.

images by Kate Holt, Ken Holt, Joel Seratto, and Jose Villa.





flowerwildpsworkshop_0395 flowerwildpsworkshop_0384

5 Responses to Desert Dreaming…

  1. Nuvea

    I live in the Palm Springs area & just found out about your lovely workshop…really hope you do this again so I can join in next time!

  2. Amber Moon

    Still one of my most favorite weekends of life, ever.

  3. ashley

    Did I dream this happened? Nope. It was real and it was awesome. Thank you for everything!

  4. sarah

    this looked epic.
    i love the pics of alice – getting so big. a beauty. want to meet her.

  5. NY Photographer | Couture Boudoir

    Love these!

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I’m sick. On the tail end of an icky spell of something and I can’t wait to be done with it. Stronger everyday, head a little clearer. Which is good, because I’m juggling a lot of projects lately and trying to stay on course with each one can be a challenge. Hard to keep them from overlapping and spilling into one another.

Here are some images I am loving this week, and looking to for inspiration. Workshop attendees beware! These are the beginnings of something for you.
Only a few more weeks till we are soaking up sun in Palm Springs and getting very very serious about flowers and all that jazz. YAY!!!!

(images:top left -irving pen for harper’s bazaar, top right- mario testino
the rest of images unknown with exception of bottom left, blue artwork by valerie hammond)

One Response to Weekly Loves

  1. Ashley

    may I just say, with eyes tightly shut and a big smile “eeeeeeee!!!!”

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