I’m a sucker for this wedding.
We were fortunate enough to design this day, from top to bottom with the most wonderful couple- Whitney & Drew.
I think the wedding is such a perfect reflection of them. It’s classic. It’s timeless. It’s not frilly or fantastic. It’s just pretty, and sophisticated, and lovely…like they are.

Big hugs and high fives go to my most excellent team who did everything they could to make this one exceptional. I especially enjoyed working with Alissa of Feast Calligraphy on all of the paper.

And our work on all of this would be just a mere memory if it were not for the hard work and endless talents of Jose Villa and Joel Serrato. I am very very thankful for them!









































For interested new potential clients…
We are now taking on full creative direction and floral for 2015. This mean guidance with Venue selection, photographer and vendor referrals, complete custom paper creation, and full design of decor and tabletop.
I am also happy to announce that our new sister company the ARK will be launching soon so stay tuned for more info on that as things develop. All inquires should contact our team directly at to reserve dates for 2015.

Creative Direction/Design – Kate Holt of Flowerwild
Photographer – Jose Villa
Cinematographer – Joel Serrato
Flowers – Flowerwild
Venue – Santa Lucia Preserve
Calligraphy & Paper – Feast Calligraphy
Coordination – Kate Winn of Barbara Llewellyn Catering

See the Full Feature including Joel’s beautiful film on Style Me Pretty Here.

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  1. Becca Blue

    It is SO beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. Delicious.

  2. kasia

    Such a beautiful wedding!! I’m such a fan of yours! Can I ask where the gold, round vases are from?

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Marilyn and Spencer.

This Sonoma Wedding was just published in the Winter Issue of Martha Stewart weddings. I hope you like it – it’s a favorite of mine. Carefully planned and executed alongside Rosemary Events. Such an amazing event producer.























See the Martha Stewart online feature with the Martha Stewart Weddings ipad app.
See Joel Serrato’s beautiful film here. If you are not convinced about the importance of having a film of your wedding day, watching this will show you why you absolutely have to hire a cinematographer. Proof it was not all just a big wonderful dream:)

I never forget a bride who thanks me through tears, for making their wedding day more than they had imagined. I was honored to be a small part of it.

Planning and coordination – Rosemary Events
Event Design and Floral – Flowerwild
Photography – Jose Villa
Cinematography – Joel Serrato
Hair and Makeup – Mar of Team Hair and Makeup
Calligraphy – Neither Snow

3 Responses to Marilyn & Spencer – Woodland Wedding

  1. Becca Blue

    I CAN’T BELIEVE how long it took me to look at this wedding here! Drooled over MS….deep sighed on Instagram…but fell head over heels here. I wish MS would have used more of these shots!!! It is SO dreamy. SO beautiful. I can see why it is one of your favorites. Thank you!!!
    (Gosh, this doesn’t come off too stalker-ish, I hope….)

  2. […] Woodland wedding with gorgeous white floral designs […]

  3. Maya

    OH MY God! How nice a flowers bunch can be. Artistically design and applauds to your expert florists. Lovely passion!

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Los Angeles – Downtown loft space
January 30th and 31st
1100.00 & 800.00

One Day Flower Intensives
The classes will be full day 10am-5/5:30pm – flower design focused, intensives. In a break from our our traditional workshop format – we are offering these single day workshops for designers and artists who want to brush up their design skills with flowers only. Texture, color, construction, composition…the finer points of getting flowers to unfold naturally, seemingly effortlessly, making flowers that provoke an emotional response. That rush of feeling, that little gasp, that “oh my!.” A great workshop for new designers or experienced ones who want a fresh perspective. All student work will be professionally photographed for future personal use! Sign up for single days or both days:)

Day 1 -Jan 30th
– Grand Scale Arrangements and Compotes.
all materials provided, plus lunch, coffee and beverages.
Day 2 – Jan 31st – Bridal Bouquets, Bouts, and Halos.
all materials provided, plus lunch, coffee and beverages.
Optional one-on-one portfolio reviews and private sessions available with Kate Holt on Feb. 1st for an additional 250.00/hour
**Please note- This workshop does not cover the topics such as how to build a design business, how to reach your niche market, where to source materials etc…see the Pippin Hill itinerary and topics covered below if you are more inclined in that direction:)




Virginia – Pippin Hill Farms
April 15th and 16th
2 day Workshop – 2500.00

Exploring the gorgeous Virgina countryside at one of the most celebrated venues and sustainable vineyards on the East Coast. We will be hosting our discussions in Pippin Hill’s amazing space, eating from their farm to table menu, and pulling together gorgeous arrangements for a shoot. All against the backdrop of this lush setting. Probably a little fun foraging in there for good measure! We are lucky enough to have the talented Corbin Gurkin as our photographer and Lynn Easton of Easton Events collaborating on this event.
I feel really fortunate that both of these women are available to participate in making the workshop a full experience – they are both treasured talents.

Day 1
Introductions, and Business basics:
Building your business
– how to meet the right clients, and develop your portfolio
– being your own best editor
– branding
– inspiration – where to find it, how develop your process, refine your vision
– materials – a look at building your palette and creating a cohesive foundation of tactile items – sourcing product
Creative Exercise
– getting messy – how to build a gorgeous bridal bouquet or centerpiece using forms, shape, texture
– build floral and prepare for a small shoot the following day
– wrap up and get rested for day 2

Day 2
Discussions on Publishing your Work
– Editorial, how to style for editorial shoots and get real weddings published
– Study of photography…the ultimate translator of your vision. How to make it work for you
– Props, how and when to use them
– Creative Director versus Florist, what’s the difference?
Prepare vignettes for Shoot with Corbin Gurkin
– Each attendee will have a chance to have individual floral or other styled elements photographed by Corbin for future portfolio use. This is invaluable. And we are so lucky to have him.
Relax and have farewell dinner and final Q & A

Day 3
Final morning
Anyone interested in a personal, private session with me, may opt for a one hour portfolio review…or we can discuss whatever you like!
-One-on-one time,an additional 250 fee.

All materials provided. Lunch both days provided, as well as the final dinner together.
Accommodations on your own. We will give you recommendations upon request and booking your space:)
Corbin Gurkin – photographer
Easton Events – Coordination and collaboration
Maximum enrollment 16 people.


Kauai – Hawaii Garden Isle
March 26th, 27th, and 28th
Artists Retreat
Details To Be Announced…

Please email us with at, subject “workshop reservation”, tell us which workshop you would like to reserve a spot in and we will forward you a deposit invoice at that time. All deposits are non-refundable. We are so excited to meet some of you in the coming year! It’s going to be quite an experience!!!

images in this post by Ken Holt, Jose Villa Photography and Beaux Arts Photography.


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Oh finally fall/winter season is here and I’m ready to hibernate, at least for a few days. We are poised to hit the ground running with a full schedule of workshops in 2014, and some pretty wonderful events lined up on the tails of that. So I’m happy to have a little down time to reflect and just BE. A hard thing for someone like me to actually DO – or, rather, not do. I find that I wish and pine for days of nothing, of idle time, then when they arrive I’m a little bit like a hamster in a wheel. Spinning and spinning, looking for new projects and ways to busy myself. It is hard to practice quiet time when your “normal” speed in life is basically a whirlwind, or mini cyclone… a type of isolated storm of it’s own.
Still, I know if I force myself to be quiet and empty the space in my brain that is normally consumed by a list of to-do’s, I will be more creative and more ready for things to come. I remind myself to take time to read, go on walks, leave my phone at home or off while with family, be present as a mommy, listen more…really listen more. I need to practice that.
So I’ll be brief, and just share some beautiful images from a little wedding we did last season in Ireland.
I’ve related the behind the scenes of this wedding of photographers Corbin Gurkin and Thatcher Cook before, and am happy to offer a little bit of the real thing. Now published in Martha Stewart Weddings Destination issue. Online gallery here. I especially love the image Elizabeth captured of me and Ken together. So rare for us to have a photo like that! Hope you enjoy.












Images by the one and only Elizabeth Messina
Flowers – Flowerwild
Event design – Duet Weddings
Paper Goods – Ceci New York
Calligraphy – Love Jenna Calligraphy
Rentals – Pearl and Godiva

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a pretty st.helena job.
my great crew. everyone worked so hard and really made this one possible. it makes me think back on days in the not so distant past where Ken and I basically did everything by ourselves. those were fun times too, but really hard and tiring.
my mom and dad came to spend the week and watch Alice for this wedding.
they had a grand time. we ate heirloom tomato or peach summer salads pretty much everyday. i can’t complain. i had some kale/spinach enchiladas that are pretty much my favorite food ever. alice and my mom soaked their feet and did pedicures for each other on the back porch. pretty cute.
my dad teased alice a lot. that’s their way together.
those of you in the culinary world take note…alice “invented” a pizza tortilla. which was a huge hit obviously. (well, with alice anyway:)
and alice gave me tons of snuggles at the end of each long day when i needed them most. those snuggles are like pure positivity. i’m certain they add years to my life.


as for the work side of things, we made these crazy fern and orchid pendants for the tent which was one of those things that you pitch to a client – and you really have no idea how you will make it work until you actually start building it. it took about 6 people 3 hours to get these beauties sort of pre-prepped to hang and mostly ready for install. not to mention a huge mess. no small task and i was grateful for all my helpers that day.












clean up the morning after. i don’t love doing strikes. it breaks my heart a lot to clean up all our hard work. but sometimes i have to be there. 7am i arrived by myself…with crew en route behind. it was perfectly quiet. the fog was all over the tables. everything was still perfect. the flowers were tenderly wrapped up in this cool blanket of a cloud. i was walking right through the soft mist, looking at all the gorgeous flowers. each one, even better now than the night before. there was something really special about seeing it sort of frozen in time like that. maybe the prettiest strike morning ever.


3 Responses to northern bounty

  1. megan

    so beautiful!

  2. Passion Roots

    Love all the loose ribbon and lace around the bouquet…so very rustic and delicate.

  3. Bellenza Wedding Bistro

    I actually had a lump in my throat just taking in the sheer beauty that flowers have and are. You are so blessed to be surrounded by them daily!

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Starting to find a little room for this kind of thing. an update! a project now in print in the best selling “Style me Pretty Weddings” Book. Which you can purchase here if you want to see more.

I did these a while ago it seems and I still love them. Especially the boho vibe. but that’s my thing! lots more coming soon….
images by jose villa
planning and design by lisa vorce

ps don’t forget to sign up for the workshop in november! email us for details!









a little separation between these two! they are so different. kind of great to see juxtaposed with one another because I think people tend to think certain designers can do only one style well…and well, i think that’s just silly.









2 Responses to opposites:)

  1. Carol

    Beautiful images! Wow, I love the flowers, the colors, the calligraphy, the lace detailing on the chairs, just everything.

  2. […] credits (left to right, top to bottom): 1&2- Jose Villa/Lisa Vorce/Flower Wild via Flower Wild blog; 3- Caroline Tran Photographer/Kelly Oshiro Design via Style Me Pretty; 4- Lavender and Dash via […]

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Summertime. Fireworks in a big grassy field, hours upon hours of driving, crayons stuffed in side pockets of my purse for emergency coloring needs, games of tic-tac-toe that always, always end in a draw, buckets and arm loads of flowers, good wine, hot days, fears of flowers melting in sun, st.helena sunsets, lots of eating while standing up, (and later- found bits of sandwiches or granola bars left on an upturned bucket in the hurried go go go of wedding install life), wild flower arrangements that sometimes need to be tamed, other times not, lovely new friends from all over, tetris style truck packing, perfect peach and arugula salad, tomatoes from ken’s garden that are ripe and juicy and smell of the earth, and finally comfort and pure happiness at home.


It’s busy but,
as I get older, I am happy to say I can appreciate the rare moment of solitude or just enjoy some quiet time watching others I love, live life. Observing and seeing things silently. I am trying to Listen more…one of my biggest struggles.

There’s a learning curve to this thing, this universe we are madly bouncing around in. I can’t fake perfection, I make lots of mistakes.


So when I can I’m trying to slow down a bit and take notes.
We’ve been bouncing around a quite a bit this summer and it’s made for LOTS of ridiculous moments and completely nonsensical giggle fits from ALICE – which I am very, VERY, very glad to take part in. I captured a few on tape and I’m pretty certain no one else would find them funny at ALL. It’s weird to listen to other people in peals of laughter, that are completely unprompted and unprovoked. It feels strange and intrusive, to hear them on the verge of tears and on the brink of elated insanity. But to us, these moments – they are pure hilarity. They save us from being weary.

Summer is almost over &
I hope I never grow too old and cranky to giggle my face off with her.










3 Responses to no rest for the weary

  1. Meg Johnson

    Hope to get to giggle with you two one day soon! xoxoxo

  2. Amber Moon

    You will never be old or cranky! What a precious gift that Alice is – love you both!

  3. Anna

    Beautiful blog posting. Love you cousin Kate and glad life with Alice continues to delight you!

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NEW Palm Springs Dates are November 12th and 13th!!!!

Reservations for this 2 day intensive workshop are available now for 2200.00

email us at to reserve your spot.



Palm Springs.
It was sort of a magical thing for me. And I hope all my friends who came along for the ride had an equally memorable time. It’s not like teaching at all. It’s like sharing. Like a crazy mash up flower lovers – meeting for the first time and forming friendships and talking honestly and openly about what we do and how we do it.




For me it’s creative soul searching,
a couple of rare days in the desert that push me to ask myself
what am I doing and how can I do it better?
how can I share what I know with others?
what can I learn from them?

Too much even to tell.
I just know I can’t wait for the next one.








NEW Palm Springs Dates are November 12th and 13th!!!!
Our photographer will be Bryce Covey.
He’s pretty ridiculously talented…just take at some of his recent work here.

Reservations for this 2 day intensive workshop are available now for 2200.00

email us at to reserve your spot. YAY!!!! This next one is going to be crazy beautiful and fun.


Itinerary is as follows:
Nov 11th – arrivals in Palm Springs – check into hotel of your choice
– welcome cocktails
Nov 12th – Workshop begins
– Breakfast and Lunch together
Nov 13th – Workshop and shoot day
– Breakfast and Lunch together
– Photograph student work
– Final Dinner together

Accommodations on your own:) We recommend you make reservations at one of the following hotels. Please contact me directly at for more info on group codes.

The Parker Palm Springs – for a more deluxe experience.

The Ace Hotel – for those of you who are hip, stylish and love a good pool scene.

The Korakia Pensione – for a more relaxed, meditative vibe.

Looking forward to meeting some of you very, very soon:)




Flowerwild Workshops
Photography by Jose Villa
Creative Direction and Styling – Kate Holt
Hair and Makeup – Mar Romero of Team Hair and Makeup
Props and Prop Styling – Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals
Gowns – b. Hughes Bridal
Venue – The Ace Hotel

2 Responses to Workshop – Palm Springs

  1. […] Wonderful flower designs from the Flowerwild workshop […]

  2. Florist Blog

    Incredible flower photos – thank you for sharing!

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alice lost her first tooth
and that’s the most exciting thing that happened this month
that’s big stuff!

it’s darn hot this week and i can’t keep myself from neurotically checking the weather for the next 10 days. Here, santa ynez, palm springs (118!!!!), sonoma, beijing (alice programmed that one in there.) i guess i was surprised it’s hot there too – i don’t know why…and i am wondering how the flowers and plants are doing in my various necks of the woods. how they are holding up under such duress. will they be there next week when i need them most? all fingers and toes are crossed. we really need to talk about global warming. so far we are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule with regards to blooms. at least. anyone else have input here?

i’m not a fan of heat.
or cold for that matter. my husband says i have a narrow window of comfort. 3 degrees up or down from 72. after that i start to roll down windows, adjust air conditioners, fan myself, look for an escape hatch, and the like.
i blame it on the red hair and fair skin. capillaries closer to the surface of the skin and whatnot. probably nonsense.


this weather is good for a few things-
planning for when it is no longer hot
AND obsessing about how to keep flowers alive on a blistering wedding day that is swiftly approaching. for all you newbies out there it should come as a relief that even a seasoned gal like myself still has nightmares about this stuff…or maybe it’s not helpful at all:)

i’m getting set to announce new workshop dates. well heck…I’ll announce them informally now and you can start plotting and planning:)

october 1st and 2nd in ojai, ca
november 12th and 13th in palm springs, ca

get in touch with me to reserve a spot via email. i’m still working out the details so that’s all i’ve got for now. a few of you have written directly or posted here – so you’re on the list. i promise to be in touch as soon as the dust settles over here.






3 Responses to hot temps

  1. You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and located most individuals will associate with with your website. Moreno Valley Roof Contractors, 22440 Mountain View Rd., Moreno Valley, CA, 92557, US, 951-999-4300

  2. Gwen Ginocchio

    I agree about the goofy weather, Kate. Something’s going on. That first tooth is exciting. I wrapped many a one in Kleenex and envelope for trip home when I was teaching there’s no predicting when they actually will come out. Hope your flowers will weather the weather. We actuallynhadva perfect day here in Chicago today, ranging from about 65 to 72 and sunny. Love you guys.

  3. Carol

    Loved being part of your crazy, busy summer, and it was wonderful to meet so many of the talented people you work with on your events. You are a very fortunate girl!

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I know it seems innocent enough. Entertainment at our finger tips, where and whenever we want it. It’s causing this wild shift in the culture of social experience. And I wonder what Alice’s world will be like in 10 years, or 20 years, or 30 years, when she might be a mommy too.
Today I went to the car wash. All the adults were sitting, eyes inches from their phones. Completely distracted, completely detached from the here and now. Only one person was interacting with the world at large… Watching, observing, talking, asking questions, excited, playful, engaged.

A little boy.

Of course, a child. This is his natural disposition, to explore, to self-create, to imagine. Until one of the adults in his life decides he’s too loud, or demands too much attention- and sticks a little colorful screen in front of him. Maybe it’s not as dismal as all this, or as black and white as it seems. As a parent, it makes me reflect on my habits. Lots of bad ones. The example I’m setting. Not all good. I could definitely make improvements.


So how do I make a change? I have some ideas…and I’m curious to know what others of you are doing to “unplug.”

Life is already going by fast enough…I don’t want to miss this part of her childhood.
Whatever I can do to be more present when I’m with her, when I’m with Ken, when I’m with people. Because, truthfully, if I don’t check instagram for a few days my world won’t suffer and things won’t change…except my own experience and my very real relationships will be more fulfilled and have more depth. With those kind of tangible experiences I find my craft and my creativity grows. My designs become more free, less influenced, more directly from me.


Maybe this is coming off as a boring rant…oh well.
If not, maybe you feel like you could change your habits too.

Encourage paper reading, handwriting in journals, passing notes, daydreaming, doodling, dancing like crazy, painting with your fingers, looking out the window, watching the world go by, digging in the dirt, swinging in a swing, the occasional cartwheel, running fast thru the grass – shoes off! It’s ok to leave your phone at home. It’s ok to stop looking at blogs. They’ll be there later.

The flipside: The internet and all these little new ways of interacting have been good for me too. I can’t deny that. I find inspiration there, make new friends, reconnect with people I have lost touch with over time, discover places and art I never would see otherwise,and keep this on-again-off-again journal.
This little screen and its kaleidoscope of windows into other people’s lives…can be so wonderful and alternately it can be such a rabbit hole.

I have mixed feelings. I’m curious how others of you feel?

Some of our recent real life happenings here….








4 Responses to Computing

  1. carolyn parker

    Dear Kate, I often wonder how young children feel about their parents’ infatuation with their cyber toys. I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about ignoring my children as they are probably about your age! But what you write is eloquent and a much needed message for introspection. Balance, of coarse, is the key and a constant process to acquire. I’ve been away from it all for some weeks due to busyness, but I’m happy to be back for the time being. I appreciate your comments on my instagram stream and love your work.
    Love to you and your family, Carolyn

  2. Carol


  3. Gwen Ginocchio

    Dear Katie, I think about this everyday. I tell myself to have balance, to unplug more often. I admit this was easier before I broke my arm. Then, I was going to the Y, doing Nia and aerobics four times a week, lots of walking. I still walk, but I have to admit the iPad has helped keep me connected even with my Nia group. Like everything in technology, we have to be selective, evaluate and use wisely. This isn’t easy. It’s very easy to get distracted from one subject to the other, to feel compelled to read posts just because we know the person. There’s a car commercial where the buyer can’t take his eyes off the screen and the salesperson says but wouldn’t you like to take a test drive. The buyer says, wow, that would be so real. Maybe that’s the question. What’s real or more real? We need to opt for that more often.
    Thanks for your musings on the subject. I think this is a common quandary. Love you, aunt Gwen

  4. Kelly Perry

    “With those kind of tangible experiences I find my craft and my creativity grows. My designs become more free, less influenced, more directly from me.” — I couldn’t agree more. It’s really amazing how special life becomes when we truly embrace the present! And equally amazing is the perspective of a child. We can learn so much from them 🙂

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