I’m sick. On the tail end of an icky spell of something and I can’t wait to be done with it. Stronger everyday, head a little clearer. Which is good, because I’m juggling a lot of projects lately and trying to stay on course with each one can be a challenge. Hard to keep them from overlapping and spilling into one another.

Here are some images I am loving this week, and looking to for inspiration. Workshop attendees beware! These are the beginnings of something for you.
Only a few more weeks till we are soaking up sun in Palm Springs and getting very very serious about flowers and all that jazz. YAY!!!!

(images:top left -irving pen for harper’s bazaar, top right- mario testino
the rest of images unknown with exception of bottom left, blue artwork by valerie hammond)

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  1. Ashley

    may I just say, with eyes tightly shut and a big smile “eeeeeeee!!!!”

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Ok. Maybe not Eternally.

But we need some fresh meat around here. Join the high society of Flowerwild ladies and gents (not pictured.) We’re Fancy…almost never. I like hard workers, I like go-getters, I like people who know when to be quiet, I like people who are creative, I like people who know how to use drills, staple guns and can climb ladders, I like people who make me look good. Is this you?

We are offering intern programs with Flowerwild
on various dates from April to October of this year.
We need people in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Napa/Sonoma areas.

Days of work are flexible…with Saturdays being a must.
This work is hard. You will get dirty. It’s not glamorous. You will scrub buckets and trim flowers, eat sandwiches standing up. You will inevitably help load thousands of candles into vans. It will be sweaty and hot work some of the time, but you will learn a lot, see a ton of gorgeous flowers daily, and get a peek behind the scenes of numerous event installations. Meet fabulous people, form friendships. It’s not too shabby.

Please email me @ info@flowerwild.com
if this is of interest.

Image by Irving Penn

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  1. Charmain Chen

    Dear Kate,
    I met Nancy Teasley at a Little Flower School class in LA and she referred me to Flowerwild’s internship opportunity. How exciting! I live in Pasadena and would love to find out more information on the various dates of your intern program in LA and Santa Barbara? I’m a mom of two girls and I am just at beginning stages of starting my own freelance floral design business. I would love to find volunteer opportunities to help out and to learn.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  2. Kate

    Hi Charmain –

    Wonderful!!! I’ll be out of town next week for our workshop but would love to connect with you after that. We will be meeting interested interns then and discussing possibilities! YAY!!!!

    Glad you went to little flower school and met some of my favorite flower ladies!
    Such great people to be around:)

  3. Charmain Chen

    Thank you so much Kate! I hope your out of town trip went well! Do let me know when you might be meeting potential interns as I would love the opportunity to find out more! You can email me directly at charmain@gmail.com

    Take care,

  4. Chelley Brenner

    I have been following your blog and website for 2 1/2 years. I am in love with all you do in floral creation. I have been trying to figure out how to meet you for years and have an email saved in my drafts from 2 years ago that I never got the nerve to send you wanting to see if there would be any way to intern with you. This would be a dream come true! My friend Carly Brannon had a boutique down the street from you when you used to have a shop on Magnolia but both of you had moved when I found this out. As far as I have been able to tell, you no longer have a shop, but I would love to meet you and be thrilled to intern with you. I am a hard worker and can do whatever you need me to.
    Happily yours,

  5. Kate

    H Chelley –

    This is such a sweet note! I would love to meet you. We are pretty busy this week and next, but email me at info@flowerwild.com and we can set up a time for you to come in.

  6. Rochelle Wall

    Hi Kate, I’m just so in awe of your gorgeous work. Yours is truly a beautiful level to aspire to. For a few years now, I have been doing freelance wedding planning, and my true love is florals. This year seems to be getting bigger and better for my little venture, but I want to learn and grow. I would be beyond honored to be considered for an internship – I just have such an incredible passion for flowers, as well as this business, and want to absorb all I possibly can.
    With fond regards,


  7. Veronica

    Hi there, I am an event planner and designer and I’d like to learn more about flowers. I am Italian and I was lucky enough to live and work in great places: from exotic Morocco( never see such variety of roses like there)to tropical paradises in the Caribbean.I recently moved to Los Angeles and I am looking to add to my experience, to learn and to grow. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I have a positive attitude. Please let me know if I can be of any service.

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She’s getting big. The picture above is from when she was only 2. She had just made Ken her first arrangement. Isn’t it fabulous? I love how she is so admiring and proud in this image.

Like every mother, I often feel like I want to suspend time. I know I can’t, and the truth is, witnessing her growth is the greatest reward. Her expression, her experience, her humor, her frustrations, her wit, her delight – all of it. I love all of it.

This will be her last full season mostly at home with me in the studio. Next year is kinder, and I will hold these memories close. The sometimes crazy, sometimes wildly frustrating time we’ve spent together making flowers, and painting, and singing, and snacking, and dancing, and boutonniere-ing, and even yelling at each other. True.

I know many of you out there are also juggling career and family. I admit it’s a daily struggle and I need reminders. How do you manage it?


“take a break already!”

ok ok…good idea Alice! Let’s go to the park:)

all images by Ken & Kate Holt

5 Responses to My Little Gal

  1. megan

    I love her! She is such a cutie.

  2. Carol

    Sweet Alice! and yes, motherhood and career–not easy when both are really full-time careers.

  3. Sofia

    She is so absolutely beautiful!!!! Lots of hugs across the pond!

  4. Kelly

    You and Ken make.it look easy! What a lil doll you are raising xoxo

  5. Katie

    Such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing so honestly.

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A classic wedding at the Hotel Bel Air
On Style Me pretty last week – you can view the full feature here.
Beautiful images by Gia Canali

Thanks to my lovely crew for making this one look so so good!

3 Responses to Wedding in Bel Air

  1. Erin/Floret

    holy smokes!

  2. Meg

    Wow Kate! The flowers are incredible. I can’t believe how gorgeous those pillars are! Sweeping down and looking SO very luscious. Amazing.

  3. Passion Roots

    What a fantastic arch! So ethereal and lush.

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My head feels a little confused right now, perhaps from lack of sleep and possibly from too much time researching images. Sometimes looking at millions of pictures can make you feel a bit screwy. Plus, with multiple projects on your plate it’s easy to get lost in a thought process, follow a loosely threaded tangent to its end point, only to find the end point is nothing like what you were hoping for.
The creative process is quiet but it requires so much work and mental puzzling; at least in my case. I think many of the people in my house think I’m just “twitter-ing” away my life…when really I’m trying to formulate a magnificent, ground-breaking idea. HA!
I suppose some people are gifted with a sort of instantaneous inspiration, creative bursts that just strike like lighting. Does that exist? It’s not this way for me. I have to lay a small fragment of an idea out there, start with that, build on it, unravel it a bit, break it apart maybe, or even scrap it and start again. Sometimes it’s an idea process, sometimes it’s a visual one.

In my process over the last few days I discovered some really beautiful things out there in the world…people creating things I hadn’t dreamed of yet, and places I might never see in person. These little glimpse help open up new channels of thought for me, and show me new directions that I didn’t even realize were there. It might be a color, a mood, a texture, a love note, a bit of handwriting, the molding ’round a door, a particular composition or event just a great fabric. Here are a few things I kinda love this week…

I’m curious…
What’s your process like? Do you have things you routinely do to get inspired? Please share!

5 Responses to The Simple Things

  1. Carol

    Lovely images, thanks for posting them. They will dance in my head for days.

  2. Bev

    Beautiful array!

  3. Gwen

    The bed reminds me of the rooms at Versaille, I want the earrings, but the many luminous candles is my favorite.

  4. Camille

    My process is much like that….lots of looking, thinking, feeling, reading. Being outside. Spending a little more time on the computer than I’d like, trying to find that ‘spark’ that will get me excited in a new direction. I know the bride likes cafe au lait dahlias, but how can I put that special something into her design to make it extraordinary and original? Sometimes a thread of thought will literally keep me up at night, and other times my mind is a dry creek bed.

  5. Katy Noelle

    Gosh! May my futuristic self whisper to your historic self in this old blog post of yours that I can deeply relate to your creative process!

    Always in awe…

    Katy Noelle

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Valentines is tomorrow…and though I don’t miss the insanity of the days we used to deliver flowers all over this LALA city of ours, I do kind of miss the flowers and the love stories that go along with each one.

Some of the notes men, and women, would enclose with their flowered intentions could be quite funny or sometimes just plain wonderful. Honestly I wish I had kept record of these from years past, so I could put together a little book.

Then, of course, there are always the stalkers. You might get one refusal of flowers a year because of that. Flat out turn away them away… Unwanted adoration.

Mostly I relished the stories from Ken, out delivering these bits of wild beauty to grey cubicles across town, as he described the looks our flowers would get from everyone. The ooohs and aaahs as people saw a lush and drippy vase of peonies and jasmine land on their officemate’s desk. Pure, unadulterated, passion, right there, on display for everyone to see! The desperate phone calls that would ensue from men who knew – THIS was the only way to her heart..a Flowerwild bouquet! Well….it might not have been so dramatic. But valentines is a day of drama and elevated expectations right?

Nowadays, valentines for me means crafting little paper v day hearts and loading them with stickers, doodling on them with glitter glue, counting them up to make sure we have enough, stepping back to make sure they have enough sequins, adding more where needed, separating into the “fancy” and “not-so-fancy” pile. If Alice deems you fancy, well then, you better get your fancy pants on!

I prefer this simpler approach to a day celebrating love.
Hope you are all spreading and receiving love in some small way this valentines.

(all images found online…please contact me if you see something here that belongs to you and you would like a photo credit)

2 Responses to Love day

  1. CAROL

    So pretty, Happy Valentine’s Day to all at FlowerWild!

  2. Annie

    I have been sharing the stories of my crazy days dethorning roses for you and driving all over helLA and back again. All the men calling desperately at the last minute to get bouquets for their wife or girlfriend who was going to put them in the dog house if the knew they almost forgot Valentine’s day. Now I just get to deal with the mayhem that is Valentine’s Day at Trader Joe’s. Miss you sister!

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Sometimes things just come together all fabulous and it makes me so happy. This wedding was one of those things. It came together is such an amazing way – not without a lot of hard work and a ton of affection and thoughtfulness though. (thanks to my hard working crew!!!!) This family has a lot of love for their daughter and for each other. It was apparent in all of the attention to detail and the joyful approach they had toward the wedding in general. So nice to see that, be around them, and craft some small part of this day for Heidi and Brandon.
After the wedding, the Mother of the Bride had all of the phee-gee hydrangeas and foxglove from the ceremony planted at her house; which makes me smile. She even tried to give some of them to me as a gift:) Total heart melt…it was hard not to cry happy tears when she offered this generous gift – I guess I get sentimental.
Alas…my garden wasn’t ready for them yet.

Anyway, this is one of those lovely weddings where the images just speak for themselves.
Styling and Event Design by Kate Holt of Flowerwild
Photography by Lacie Hansen – a beautiful see-er of things.
Published on Style Me Pretty here.

3 Responses to Foxy Foxglove

  1. Amy ✈ Fly Away Bride

    Absolute. Utter. Gorgeousness!

  2. Ashley

    Holy Mary Miss Kate! Amazing. So stunning. Can’t stop looking at these…

  3. […] flower adorned car at this Santa Barbara […]

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Baby I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time
Maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you
Baby I’m amazed at the the way you pulled me out of time
Hung me on a line
Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you

-Paul McCartney

Watched a great piece of this documentary on Paul last night. I admit, I cried a little when they played this song over clips of him and Linda. He described so simply how she saw him, who he really was, and how they were just together – in the midst of a complete balloon of chaos really. Everyone else saw the Beatles…saw them break up. When it was over and done- Paul was still Paul. He was a man, he was himself, he had a little place on this planet, and she was by his side. He talked about her, how she helped him find his way back to music, back to happiness, she gave him affirmations, she said yes to him, she gently persuaded him, she created a warm family of love around him. It’s a sort of simple family, love story. It’s remarkable and then it’s kind of normal too.

To love truly, to love deeply, to know another person as well as you can…what else is there?
I’m really enjoying seeing new love out there…new couples I’m meeting…planning the beginnings of something sweet…maybe something remarkable.

Baby I’m amazed at the way you’re with me all the time
Maybe I’m afraid of the way I leave you
Baby I’m amazed at the way you help me sing my song
You right me when I’m wrong
Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you

almost all images by the lovely linda mccartney

2 Responses to Maybe I’m Afraid of the Way I Love You

  1. lisa

    the last photo is absolutely one of the best photos ever taken i believe. like, ever.
    and that song makes me cry every time.
    love it all.

  2. CAROL

    A perfectly lovely post, indeed!

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This particular wedding brings back a lot of warm snuggly memories from the spring, as well as some really heartsick, hard moments. I basically did a string of weddings back to back that kept me away from home for almost 4 weeks. Traveling solo part of the time…I migrated from Sonoma, to Carmel, to Big Sur like some sort of wandering flower gypsy; but I was wandering with great intent. Sourcing flowers from all new places, trying to have enough forethought to consider where and when I would need what containers, candles, and any other details along the way.

Ken and Alice came with me to Carmel for a few days then went off home again. Returning to real life and all the kids’ various routines. I stayed behind to produce all the flowers for the wedding in Big Sur, at one of the hardest locations I’ve ever worked, with virtually no crew. (big learning experience!) When Alice and Ken pulled away from our little cottage in Carmel, I could barely stand it. I practically chased after them down the road, then went inside to finish my work and have a little cry.
The allure of traveling for work is truly double-edged. You get to insert yourself into all these amazing landscapes and experience new places, food, flora, etc. It’s romantic – the notion; however, you also get tired, and have to say goodbye a lot – something I find hard to do.
There are good parts too. Every morning my duet of loves were with me, we walked hand in hand to breakfast- to a cozy spot called Bicyclette. We are creatures of comfort and like to revisit places we know we like:) (plus they had kale and perfectly poached eggs. YUM!) We sang and danced together, had fires in the fireplace, and Alice helped me make lots of the flowers.

She loved crafting the boutonnieres, tenderly pairing the little bits together and handing them to me so I could wrap with ribbon. Then setting them gently in their silver tray…sigh. I am truly the luckiest mom in the world. She tolerates so much insanity from me, understands when I am distracted and only half-listening, and has so much more patience than most grown women. Watching her soft hands and small fingers grab the bits of flowers and layer them one on top of the other, thoughtfully and artistically, well…there’s just nothing more rewarding than that. When she helps me with these weddings I know we are creating little memories together that will be the foundation of who she becomes. Sometimes just spending time quietly together is the best thing.

I guess that’s why these two got married – they really like just spending time together.
Rachel and Healey were married at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley. When two people are so in love and so genuinely affectionate towards each other, it makes my work so worthwhile. You can see it in these images. Not to be overly sentimental…but I love that my little family helped in some small way, to make the day where they became a family, happen perfectly.

You can see more of this wedding, and the groom’s sweet story of the day up on Style Me Pretty.

All Images by Jose Villa
Styling and Floral Design by Kate Holt of Flowerwild

6 Responses to Flower Gypsies

  1. janet

    That bouquet, those centerpieces – breath taking!

  2. Zachary + Wendy Stowasser {Stillwater Cinematography}

    These two are so incredible! We had the honor of creating their Films! { http://www.stillwatercinematography.com/rachel-healey-holman-ranch/ }

    Enjoyed reading your story about being on the road. Your designs and creations are worth it all! Thanks for being Awesome.

  3. sherry

    Everything looks so effortless…and love the organic elements!

  4. Amy | Fly Away Bride

    This is like being in a dream! So amazingly beautiful.

  5. Jacqueline


    I was wondering if you provided the flowers for the bride’s hair? If so, what kind were they and how did the bride attach them to her hair? I am looking to do the same thing for my wedding. Thank you!

  6. Kate

    hi Jaquueline – the flowers in her hair are evelyn roses I think! We wire and tape a few fresh flower heads for the bride’s hair/makeup person to thread into their hair and they usually pin them in easily. Hope that helps!

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Nooooo….not in VOGUE silly!
Maybe one day.
Oh how I dream of being Grace Coddington, (pictured above in her early modeling days) pulling together genius editorials for VOGUE, dressing in all black, dancing around with models day and night, feeding my many cats…
Actually, I only fantasize about the first part of being Grace – the part where you have such a volume of experience that even Anna Wintour doesn’t scare you. And the ideas for creating beauty just flow out of you every moment of every day. Is that how it works for Grace?
I’ve been meaning to get her book and give it a good read… But I have so many half started books laying about that is just seems futile. Betting Grace reads books all the way thru, probably in a couple of days – maybe in a couple of hours; rather than the endless weeks it takes me to piece together and get through just a few chapters.
I actually love reading but have not made the ritual of it important enough in my daily routine for it to stick. Some days I really just want to keep my eyes shut for a few more minutes in the morning, other days I have games that MUST be played with Alice before hopping to and getting dressed for school.
Alas, I digress from the topic at hand which is that though I am not Grace Coddington, I am lucky enough to have this beauty of a celebration published in The Knot’s national issue.
A very lively New Years Eve fete- with two love birds I won’t ever forget. Anne and Scott. The California Club. Tails on his tux. Confetti Bombs. Flowers. Louboutins. Noisemakers and some serious L.O.V.E.

Photos by Aaron Delesie. Planning by Brooke Keegan.

2 Responses to Published in…

  1. Chelsey

    I love those boutonnieres so much. I have followed your blog for a while and every post I see I admire your design style and talent, beautiful work!

  2. ken holt

    – there are similarities. 🙂

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