I love working with yellow.
Orange is cool too.

I took the leftovers from these samples to a neighbor…which really made me happy. I love unexpected flowers. Maybe some people don’t get that, but I don’t care. Flowers make me feel so good, even after all this time I’ve spent with them:)
Ken’s growing quite a wonderful garden this year. I’m excited to start using little bits from it for my bouquets and such. I’ve already stolen a few blueberry bush branches and the golden raspberries are just starting to pop. It’s me against the birds and the squirrels at this point!

Next up…chickens.
Trying to decide if we should get some. Alice is quite the animal lover and we eat at least 2 dozen eggs a week over here. Anyone with advice or thoughts on this? I would love to hear from you.









2 Responses to Beholden to Golden

  1. ashley

    Get the chickens. We have 5 girls and the kids love them. Only 2 bad things can really happen to chickens. 1. racoons. preventable. 2. mites. rarely happens and they loose a bunch of feathers but eventually goes away with a few dustings of insect control dust… but really they are wonderful to have and really easy to keep. They are very friendly too, especially the bantam ones when hand fed and given lots of attention. The neighbors won’t mind feeding them when you are gone, they will find it fun and facinating. ok, that’s probably enough said now. 🙂

  2. Alexa Johnson

    i’m late to the party…but YES to chickens! We have three girls, and my two little boys (6&8) love them. They are so fun and silly that you can’t feel sad or gloomy with your chickens. We only have to fill their big feeder and waterer once a week, but we get beautiful blue and brown eggs every day. Love them so much!

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