I enjoy looking back at all this loveliness so much. This is a portion of our spring work from last season…behind the scenes. We were pretty much everywhere in California. Santa Barbara, Sonoma, Napa, Carmel (LOVE), Big Sur. All with flowers and my favorite people in tow. I am reminded how amazing the landscape and diversity of California really is.
It was a whirlwind and I almost thought that one of our many drives down the coast from Big Sur would never end. Each turn winding round into yet another turn (I get so motion sick…blah). Even the breathtaking view can’t save a girl from the panic within her own mind. HA!
Today is the kiddos’ first day back at school and my first day back to real work…which means a full studio clean up, so we are ready in spring for all the beauty yet to unfold.

all images by moi.


6 Responses to Swimming in Flowers- part I

  1. ken holt

    wow ..

  2. Kim | Art with Nature

    absolutely stunning! i’ll never get tired of looking at your work…ever! 🙂

  3. angel swanson

    completely magical, kate. your work is so perfectly balanced with nature. timeless & inspiring. miss you! xox

  4. Gwen

    Oh, these pictures cheer me. So yummy. Thank you Kate and Ken. (Take Dramamine for those hair pin turns.)

  5. Laura

    gaaaa, your blog makes me so happy! Your florals are to die for!!!!


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