Nooooo….not in VOGUE silly!
Maybe one day.
Oh how I dream of being Grace Coddington, (pictured above in her early modeling days) pulling together genius editorials for VOGUE, dressing in all black, dancing around with models day and night, feeding my many cats…
Actually, I only fantasize about the first part of being Grace – the part where you have such a volume of experience that even Anna Wintour doesn’t scare you. And the ideas for creating beauty just flow out of you every moment of every day. Is that how it works for Grace?
I’ve been meaning to get her book and give it a good read… But I have so many half started books laying about that is just seems futile. Betting Grace reads books all the way thru, probably in a couple of days – maybe in a couple of hours; rather than the endless weeks it takes me to piece together and get through just a few chapters.
I actually love reading but have not made the ritual of it important enough in my daily routine for it to stick. Some days I really just want to keep my eyes shut for a few more minutes in the morning, other days I have games that MUST be played with Alice before hopping to and getting dressed for school.
Alas, I digress from the topic at hand which is that though I am not Grace Coddington, I am lucky enough to have this beauty of a celebration published in The Knot’s national issue.
A very lively New Years Eve fete- with two love birds I won’t ever forget. Anne and Scott. The California Club. Tails on his tux. Confetti Bombs. Flowers. Louboutins. Noisemakers and some serious L.O.V.E.

Photos by Aaron Delesie. Planning by Brooke Keegan.

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  1. Chelsey

    I love those boutonnieres so much. I have followed your blog for a while and every post I see I admire your design style and talent, beautiful work!

  2. ken holt

    – there are similarities. 🙂

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