This particular wedding brings back a lot of warm snuggly memories from the spring, as well as some really heartsick, hard moments. I basically did a string of weddings back to back that kept me away from home for almost 4 weeks. Traveling solo part of the time…I migrated from Sonoma, to Carmel, to Big Sur like some sort of wandering flower gypsy; but I was wandering with great intent. Sourcing flowers from all new places, trying to have enough forethought to consider where and when I would need what containers, candles, and any other details along the way.

Ken and Alice came with me to Carmel for a few days then went off home again. Returning to real life and all the kids’ various routines. I stayed behind to produce all the flowers for the wedding in Big Sur, at one of the hardest locations I’ve ever worked, with virtually no crew. (big learning experience!) When Alice and Ken pulled away from our little cottage in Carmel, I could barely stand it. I practically chased after them down the road, then went inside to finish my work and have a little cry.
The allure of traveling for work is truly double-edged. You get to insert yourself into all these amazing landscapes and experience new places, food, flora, etc. It’s romantic – the notion; however, you also get tired, and have to say goodbye a lot – something I find hard to do.
There are good parts too. Every morning my duet of loves were with me, we walked hand in hand to breakfast- to a cozy spot called Bicyclette. We are creatures of comfort and like to revisit places we know we like:) (plus they had kale and perfectly poached eggs. YUM!) We sang and danced together, had fires in the fireplace, and Alice helped me make lots of the flowers.

She loved crafting the boutonnieres, tenderly pairing the little bits together and handing them to me so I could wrap with ribbon. Then setting them gently in their silver tray…sigh. I am truly the luckiest mom in the world. She tolerates so much insanity from me, understands when I am distracted and only half-listening, and has so much more patience than most grown women. Watching her soft hands and small fingers grab the bits of flowers and layer them one on top of the other, thoughtfully and artistically, well…there’s just nothing more rewarding than that. When she helps me with these weddings I know we are creating little memories together that will be the foundation of who she becomes. Sometimes just spending time quietly together is the best thing.

I guess that’s why these two got married – they really like just spending time together.
Rachel and Healey were married at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley. When two people are so in love and so genuinely affectionate towards each other, it makes my work so worthwhile. You can see it in these images. Not to be overly sentimental…but I love that my little family helped in some small way, to make the day where they became a family, happen perfectly.

You can see more of this wedding, and the groom’s sweet story of the day up on Style Me Pretty.

All Images by Jose Villa
Styling and Floral Design by Kate Holt of Flowerwild

6 Responses to Flower Gypsies

  1. janet

    That bouquet, those centerpieces – breath taking!

  2. Zachary + Wendy Stowasser {Stillwater Cinematography}

    These two are so incredible! We had the honor of creating their Films! { }

    Enjoyed reading your story about being on the road. Your designs and creations are worth it all! Thanks for being Awesome.

  3. sherry

    Everything looks so effortless…and love the organic elements!

  4. Amy | Fly Away Bride

    This is like being in a dream! So amazingly beautiful.

  5. Jacqueline


    I was wondering if you provided the flowers for the bride’s hair? If so, what kind were they and how did the bride attach them to her hair? I am looking to do the same thing for my wedding. Thank you!

  6. Kate

    hi Jaquueline – the flowers in her hair are evelyn roses I think! We wire and tape a few fresh flower heads for the bride’s hair/makeup person to thread into their hair and they usually pin them in easily. Hope that helps!

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