These flowers feel so cozy and wintery to me, which is definitely my mood today. Alice and I are in Santa Fe visiting my parents and it’s been snowing.

I’ll start off with an apology…I’m sorry for the lack of posts. Had a major computer breakdown after the workshop post, and have been operating off the ipad and cell phone only; which is just beyond frustrating.
New hard drive + data recovery needed. So this little laptop’s been in the shop for over a week.
(I will note, that replaced the hard drive already this year – so at least it’s all under warranty.) I was pretty sure they would not have it fixed and ready in time for this trip. Against all odds, I got a call on Friday eve, before Alice and I were set to leave. It was ready to be picked up. YAY! I can get some blog posts done….right?

Well suffice to say I picked this beauty up 5 minutes before the shop closed, a half hour after dinner was supposed to be ready, a half hour before Alice was supposed to be in bed, I wasn’t fully packed yet, so I didn’t have a chance to do anything more than turn it on to determine that it did indeed work… That’s it.

So one short flight later, resting in a comfy chair, in front of a super cozy fire, after a walk in a wet and wonderful blizzard I open it up to find they backed up the data from my previous old hard drive – not the most recent one.

Why would they do that? I don’t know. Why did they have that old drive also? I brought it to them to prove they had already removed a hard drive from the computer earlier this year, since they had no record of ever doing so. Hard evidence. Then they went ahead and backed up the old old data. I realize this probably makes no sense at all and is silly and confusing. Boring computer woes…

Thank goodness for pretty flowers, they just seem to make everything better.

In a way, it’s been great because I’ve been unplugged for a few days in a row. I’ll have some nice images to share from this little trip soon. It’s a beautiful place, and Alice had her first real snow. More than 6 inches in 3 hours. Hope you and yours are cozy and warm!

All images by Ken Holt 🙂 my wonderful and talented hubby

4 Responses to Cozy Schmozy

  1. Amber Funk

    Hey Kate,

    I was wondering if it was possible to tage the types of flowers in the pictures, especially the lesser known kinds. I noticed these flat circular white flowers in a bouquet pictured above and have never seen them before. Can you tell me what they are? I think they are really wonderful.

  2. ken holt

    Glad you’re back online. I was missing your amazing work. 🙂

  3. Carol

    Quite beautiful! I love all the variations of white, indeed wintry.

  4. Christine Reynolds

    Love these flower colors. Perfect for a winter wedding!

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