It’s Tuesday.
I’m kind of waiting for things to happen…

(photographic portrait of alice by bonnie tsang)

Isn’t Picasso great? To state the obvious…
I feel good when I look at these drawings he did, and wishing I could draw even a little. Alas, I’m more of a sculpting type…and even that is questionable.

This morning, Alice was telling me about a dream she had…or maybe it was a memory? She said, “Mom, it was deep, deep, deep in my mind. And I saw Dad in there.”
I love the idea of her looking inside her own mind for a little thought, some idea, or a vision that’s in there – tucked away.
Our sense our self, who we are, and who the people around us are begins so early.

The Picasso portraits just remind me of that, in the sense that they are fun but vulnerable, so open. To do a good portrait means to see beyond that ultimate perception of self, or the surface notion of self, to reveal who is really in there. All of that is fleeting right? It changes, the person changes over time…

My little Alice is the same person she was 3 years ago, but then again, not exactly. It’s a good reminder I think, that perception is just that…perception. And we are who we are regardless of what others think or feel about us; though oftentimes, their opinions are hard to ignore. A good portrait almost points us to ourselves, gives us a glimpse of something we might forget about ourselves 10 or 15 years down the road.

(photographic portrait of Alice by Jose Villa…all drawings by pablo picasso, and other images by Kate Holt)

I digress. This post was meant to be short and sweet but it helps with the waiting anyway.
Tomorrow I will announce some fun stuff on the horizon. I’m stalling a bit…


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